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Joel Lilly - Head Instructor - Berwyn Heights Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BH BJJ)

Joseph Lilly

Head Instructor

Joe Lilly is a Gracie Certified Instructor as well as the head instructor and owner of Berwyn Heights BJJ.   He has been involved in grappling and the martial arts for almost 20 years, training and competing in several disciplines including Brazilian and Japanese Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and wrestling.   He holds a Master’s Degree in teaching, and incorporates many universal learning strategies into his BJJ classes to maximize his student’s progress and knowledge retention.
Our core belief is that Jiu Jitsu is for EVERYONE, regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability.

‘"There is no such thing as a bad student…"‘

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Proudly serving the Berwyn Heights/ College Park/ Greenbelt area

We specialize in teaching practical self–defense to all ages and abilities.   Whether you are looking for anti–bullying programs for children, self–defense for adults, or a women‘s safety seminar, we have something to offer you!   Learn how to get fit, build confidence, and stay safe in a clean, welcoming, team–oriented environment.   Beginners and first–timers especially welcome!

Rener Endorsement for BHBJJ and Joe Lilly


  • Chris

    Training at Berwyn Heights BJJ has really given my kids a lot more confidence.

  • John

    The presentation of the techniques and attention to detail is very good.

  • R. Harris

    Harris Family

    Our son looks forward to the classes each week and enjoys Mr. Joe’s presentation of the new techniques.

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If we don’t have a class that fits your schedule, or you prefer to have more one–on–one attention, we are happy to schedule a private class with you.  Want to sharpen your skills or work on something specific?  Private classes are great for that too!  They offer convenience, flexibility, and the opportunity to accommodate any special requirements you may have.   (Children under 5 are eligible for private classes only)

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