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Law Enforcement Officers - Invictus  LEO Training Verified Academies

LEO Training

All Law Enforcement Officers receive hands-on training in the academy.  We understand that most officers want and need even more.   Our belief is that Law Enforcement Officers that are well trained in Self-Defense are vastly safer in hands-on situations, which has been demonstrated time and again.   Our self-defense programs, as well as additional one-on-one training, provide additional resources for trained LEOs to control and subdue an active or passively resisting suspect with a minimum of force, and a maximum of safety.  Beginning with Combatives® and LEO specific techniques, we have something to offer officers at EVERY skill level.   Specific law enforcement training (available ONLY to LEOs) includes weapon retention, cuffing techniques, accessing the toolbelt while engaged with a combative suspect, and more.  Berwyn Heights BJJ is a verified member of the Invictus LEO collective, meaning that we are a self-defense academy verified BY law enforcement, as a great place to train FOR law enforcement.   Ask about our LEO-specific training and discounts.

“You don’t learn Jiu Jitsu so you can go out and fight suspects.  You learn Jiu Jitsu so you can quickly and safely stop suspects from fighting YOU!”

Jiu Jitsu Stacks The Odds In Police Officer’s favor in spite of A Huge Weight Difference


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