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Little Champs (Ages 5-7)


Children at this age are little sponges, absorbing everything around them. This age group won’t usually face the same kinds of more complex bullying issues that older children may experience. In this class, the goal is to have FUN and begin building the student’s confidence in themselves.

Positional control and self-defense is taught though a series of jiu jitsu based “Gracie Games” which will teach the child how to be comfortable in a physical situation, and avoid being hurt by another child who is behaving aggressively. From the first time the students start learning jiu jitsu, they also begin to learn when and how it is to be used. That’s where the Character Development Program comes in! A portion of every class is dedicated to discussion about possible scenarios that children may encounter in their daily lives, and how they can incorporate character-building principles. Discussions cover such topics as Health, Respect, Citizenship, Internet Safety, Strangers, and many others.

Gracie Bullyproof

Offering Self-Defense Education and Jiu Jitsu Instructions for all ages!